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New Report Reveals Most Popular Apps in Business Today

Enterprise Identity management company Okta just published its fifth Businesses @ Work report. It identifies some of the most widely used apps as well as the fastest-growing apps.

The big winners this year’s report included heavyweights like Microsoft Office 365, Amazon Web Services and Salesforce, as well as fast-growing upstarts like Google’s “G Suite,” Zoom and Slack.

Okta examined anonymous data from the company’s Integration Network, with over 100 million registered users, based on its over 5,500 integrations with cloud, mobile and web-based apps.

The company also partnered with Qualtrics to conduct a survey of over 1,200 knowledge workers to examine how they work today, and how that work may be evolving. The data and survey responses together paint a clearer picture of what apps businesses and people use each day, and how they get work done.

Okta analyzed overall app popularity by compiling the number of customers deploying an app, and the number of active users using it (people who used an app at least once in 30 days). The report lists the top 15 apps in each of these two categories.

The most popular app according to both sets of metrics was Microsoft Office 365, which increased its lead compared to last year’s reported figures. Salesforce and Amazon WS followed, with Google’s G-Suite finishing fourth.

Fast-growing video conferencing solution Zoom entered the list for the first time, debuting in ninth place. The messaging and collaboration app Slack took one step up in the rankings for both metrics.

One of the clearest trends this year is the rise of Microsoft competitors, says Ming Wu, Okta’s Vice President of Data and Analytics.

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