The inspiration and creativity behind Wave Rush come from thorough ingenuity. Wave Rush use inspiration to create valuable marketing and branding strategies. Our strategies and data-driven sales techniques will be implemented to meet our client’s needs.


Wave Rush provided my start-up with the whole package. From the design of my marketing strategy to implementation and generating customer engagement. The results were amazing and my brand has benefited from their professional approach.

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There are many ways to attract new customers to your brand – however creating interest and creating action are two different things. There are times when technology just doesn’t do the job and face-to-face or field marketing is often required to begin a lasting relationship. Our clients look to us as an outsourced service because of how quickly we are able to generate revenue in targeted markets. Our team works to increase interest and sales in given markets while reducing the costs to our client. Because of this, we are proud to create long-lasting partnerships with our clients.


We specialize in a range of services for our clients in particular campaign management, outsource sales and brand awareness campaigns. What makes Wave Rush unique and separates us apart from other forms of direct marketing is the fact we can offer a flexible and cost-effective approach to our clients.

Big or small, simple or complex, Wave Rush looks at all marketing programs the same way –– through the eyes of our clients.


Intelligence and knowledge is the key to successful marketing, and knowing your competitors, customers and the specific market sector in which you compete will enable you to act with greater confidence and less risk. This is exactly why companies outsource to us! Our business strategies have been proven to work effectively by consistently reducing the cost of gaining new customers for our clients.  We are dedicated to being the top producing brand ambassadors for the Jacksonville area.